Usually when a member is suspended its either there is a short payment or non-payment of contributions. The first point of contact should be the members HR/Payroll department as the payment is made to SAMWUMED by the employer. The members should be informed and take note that SAMWUMED does not do a deduction from the members salary, as we do not have access to directly deduct contributions from the member.

The scheme can only send a monthly Billing Statement stipulating the monthly contribution and should there be any arrears the grand total amount will be stipulated to clear any discrepancy. Therefore, any shortage/non-payment of contributions will have to be communicated to the Employer Group. Furthermore, the expectation is for the Employer Group to clear the discrepancy and respond to the Billing Statement. To conclude the matter, the member must communicate with the Employer as the information would have been provided. Alternatively, the member can call the contact centre to find out the reason of the suspension. Overall, the Employer should be the one correcting the discrepancy.