If you are already a member of SAMWUMED, we assure you that you have made the right decision in joining and staying with our Scheme.

If you are still looking for a medical aid scheme, we hope the below information will assist you in your decision making.


Through our Brokers or Sales Consultants

  • Request and complete an Application Form from our Sales Consultants or our Broker Consultants. The form must be stamped by your HR office.
  • Submit the stamped form with photocopies of your South African Identity document.
  • Once received, SAMWUMED will send an SMS confirmation.
  • Once successfully processed, you will receive your SAMWUMED Welcome Pack which includes a Membership Card as well as a Membership Guide.

Through our Website

Download and complete the Application Form below and return to or complete the online application form.

Paying for your Medical Aid

Your medical aid cover can be paid from two sources: your employer’s subsidy and your monthly salary. Contributions are calculated according to income and family size and are paid monthly, in arrears.

If you join after 31 March, you will be subject to pro-rated benefits. This means that you will only be entitled to benefits according to the contributions that you have made:

January – March

100% of benefit

April – June

75% of benefit

July – September

50% of benefit

October – December    

25% of benefit

There are many good reasons to Join and Stay with SAMWUMED including:

  • High reserve levels:
    SAMWUMED continues to show strong financial stability with over 90% reserves, way above the minimum statutory requirements (25%). We are able to pay member claims.
  • Private healthcare service:
    Receive access to full private healthcare services, without being referred to State hospitals.
  • Comprehensive Healthcare Programmes:
    Including HIV, Mental Health, Chronic Disease and Cancer.
  • Availability of Non-PMB Oncology (Cancer) benefit:
    The Non-PMB oncology (cancer) benefit is available on both Options.
  • Covid-19 Cover: COVID-19 including consultations, up to 3 Covid tests, and hospitalisation from your existing benefits without paying extra.
  • Increased Overall Annual Limit for hospitalisation: Overall annual limits are reviewed and increased annually on both Option A and Option B.
  • Three (3) Additional Chronic Conditions: Apart from the 26 chronic conditions already covered, on Option A they have been an increased to 29 and on Option B increased to 31.
  • Tailor-Made Preventative Healthcare Benefit: Take ownership of your own health with free vaccinations, screening, healthcare assessments and more.
  • Low premiums: We have one of the lowest premiums in the industry.
  • No late joiner fees: SAMWUMED does not impose penalties for late joining members, as we stand by our principle that all South Africans deserve quality healthcare, which is what we fought for during the years of oppression.
  • No costs for replacement cards: If your medical aid card is lost, stolen or damaged, you will receive a new card at no extra charge.
  • Register family members: As a principal member you may register your family members, including parents, parents-in-law, grandchildren and adult children.
  • National footprint: Our dedicated team of Sales Consultants and Brokers are available to provide an effective service to you in all the regions of South Africa.