SAMWUMED offers Members and Beneficiaries with HIV/AIDS complete HIV disease management assistance under its AID for AIDS Programme

The Benefits include:

  • Medicine to treat HIV, including drugs to prevent mother-to child transmission
  • Treatment to prevent opportunistic or common infections as a result of HIV. For example, pneumonia and TB
  • Regular monitoring of the disease and response to therapy
  • Regular tests to pick up possible side- effects of the treatment
  • Ongoing patient support via a Nurse-Line service which allows a patient to call a nurse whenever the need arises
  • Clinical guidelines and telephonic support for doctors
  • Help in finding a registered counsellor for emotional

If you are diagnosed with HIV, your doctor must contact Aid for AIDS to register you on the HIV Management Programme. The details are:

0860 100 646 or 083 410 9078

Fax: 0800 600 773