SAMWUMED has a programme to help you to stop smoking – if you want to stop but you’re struggling.

The programme called GoSmokeFree, includes several steps aimed at maximising success rate. The steps include the following:

  • Pre-Quit Assessment
  • Nicotine Dependency Test
  • Carbon Monoxide Level Check
  • Motivation to Quit
  • Behaviour modification
  • Medication Discussion
  • Set Quit Date
  • GoSmokeFree Diary

The member is also assigned a Nursing Sister who is trained as a GoSmokeFree advisor for one-on-one sessions.

Programme Benefits

The member stands to gain the following through the programme:

  • Assessment on readiness and ability to stop smoking
  • Help in predicting the severity of withdrawal symptoms
  • Health risk assessment
  • Information to help with the when and how to quit
  • Prevention from backsliding into old habits
  • Improving chances of a successful quit
  • Motivational tool for the quit journey

SAMWUMED members qualify for up to one course per beneficiary per lifetime.