SAMWUMED is committed to improving member access to information. The revamped Mobile App is doing just that. Amongst others, it strengthens member and Scheme communication and takes member management of their medical aid affairs to a higher gear.

The App boasts an interactive landing page that allows members to view some of their information in real-time and to scan and upload documents – all from their mobile phones.

The improved App does not require the member to use an email to register. A member can use their cell phone instead to register.

If you are already using and are enjoying the current Mobile App, you will want to be the first in line to update your SAMWUMED Mobile App with the new version. If you’re not using the Mobile App yet – you are getting left behind and are missing out on convenience.


Uploading of Claims

Not only will you be able to see your claims history, but you will also be able to scan, upload and send your claims to the Scheme using your App.

Member Statements

A member statement is important for tracking the usage of your benefits. Also, for checking if your benefits are not being fraudulently used by others. Having easy access to the statement gives members peace of mind.

Benefit Limits Display

Gone are the days when you will have to dial the Call Centre and queue to get your benefit limits before going to a health practitioner. You will now be able to view all your benefits, the limits, and the balance per benefit as you use them throughout the year.


The App also strengthens the communication between the Scheme and members. Members will be able to receive short general notifications from the Scheme on all issues related to their benefits on an ongoing basis.


A new feature that allows members to call a healthcare service provider for help during a medical emergency has been added. This adds a new level in peace of mind for SAMWUMED members and their beneficiaries.


Through the App members will be able to receive valuable information relating to healthcare and SAMWUMED updates monthly. This information is important for helping members to take care of their heath and avoid things that place them at risk and to keep in touch with developments within their Scheme.

Access to Benefits Brochure

Not only will you be able to see your claims history, but you will also be able to scan, upload and send your claims to the Scheme using your App.

Search for healthcare service providers

Members will be able to plan visits to their healthcare practitioner visits better using the APP. Members can search and locate Scheme approved healthcare practitioners near them down to the physical address. They include approved doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and others.