A Financially Healthy Scheme

The South African Municipal Workers Union Medical Scheme (SAMWUMED) is a financially healthy, fully-funded, national-accredited and self-administered medical aid scheme which covers approximately 77 000 lives throughout South Africa. It operates within a closed sector namely, local government and associated agencies employees.

The Scheme’s reserve levels remain way above 90%, exceeding the required statutory threshold of 25%. This is a commendable performance considering the high claims ratio challenges that schemes face at any given time. It comes as no surprise that the Scheme was mentioned as one of the top most Sustainable Medical Schemes in South Africa by the Alexander Forbes Sustainability Index Report for 2017 and 2018

The Scheme continually strives to maintain its standing as one of the most cost effective Schemes in its category without compromising the quality of its Member Benefits. To this end, benefits are reviewed on an annual basis and adjusted according to prevailing trends.

In this way, we see ourselves not just as a medical aid scheme, but as an advocate of our members’ interests and their right to a healthy life.

In addition, SAMWUMED is committed to adhering to good corporate governance in all aspects of its operations.

SAMWUMED has a long and rich history of working to improve people’s health and quality of life. Operating under the philosophy that all South Africans are entitled to affordable quality healthcare, we have evolved from a simple trade union scheme to one of the largest fully-funded, self-administered medical aid schemes for workers in local government and government support industries nationally.

The spirit of our core values and a commitment to service excellence forms a thread that runs throughout our history.

Our Mission

We commit ourselves to service excellence by providing the most affordable, member friendly, accessible and accountable scheme and administration.

Our Vision

  • To be the leading medical scheme in the local government sector
  • To provide a holistic and progressive primary health service nationally
  • To provide guaranteed affordability by offering appropriate benefits and access to the best medical services
  • To create healthy and satisfied members through education and efficient administration in a member-friendly environment
  • Commitment to the principle of non-profit and to remain sustainable
  • To be one of the most desired organisations to work for in South Africa
  • To promote a clean, healthy and sustainable environment

Our Values