Our Healthcare Benefits

SAMWUMED continues to provide relevant healthcare benefits to members at low contributions


Members & dependents are covered for visits and treatments by General Practitioners (GP’s).


Members and dependents are covered for hospitalisation, inclusive of medical expenses.


Members & dependents are covered for medication, including prescribed, over the counter and dispensed.


Members & dependents qualify for optical (eye) cover, including frames, lenses and/or contact lenses.


Members & dependents are covered for basic and advanced dentistry, such as fillings and denture repairs.

Membership Options

SAMWUMED offers two affordable medical aid options



With an annual limit of R750 000 per family, this option is suited for members who need moderate day-to-day medical care, but require Comprehensive Maternity Benefits as well as good Hospital care. It is an ideal cover for young families still planning to have children or those with young children.

This Option also gives members access to a wide variety of Early Detection Tests through the Comprehensive Preventative Care Programme.



This option is ideal for members seeking to benefit more richly from all the benefit categories including chronic illness benefits, great Hospital care and rich day-to-day Medical benefits. With an annual limit of R1 500 000 per family, this option allows members to take care of more dependents living with them and those who are extended family.

Option B, like Option A, also gives members access to a wide variety of Early Detection Tests through the Comprehensive Preventative Care Programme.

Customer Reviews

What our customers think of us

Dear Case Officer

I hereby express my utmost gratitude for reconsidering this matter and reversing your previous stance by granting authorisation for my wife’s much needed procedure. The port and line were removed last Monday. We are very grateful for this.

Furthermore, I am extending my pleasure to have been assisted by one of your staff members with the name, Janine Fortuin. She’s absolutely great. Kept me abreast of my matter and gave me follow-up calls, all the time she’s been assisting me. She is a great asset to SAMWUMED. I hope that her diligence and professionalism will take her to higher levels at the fund.

Kind regards

Ivan Mongaile

Good morning SAMWUMED

Got a call this morning from a lady named Mariam, I didn’t get her surname though… Anyway she was very friendly , kind, helpful and understanding. The way she spoke to me in a caring way made me change my mind about SAMWUMED, so you guys must actually thank her. She sorted out all the issues I had and informed me that I am covered for maternity from SAMWUMED. So now I can schedule my appointment with the gynecologist and my stress has come to an end, than you so so much Mariam, I really appreciate your effort and SAMWUMED needs more people like you.


Good Day

Vanessa thank you very much for the excellent service I received from you today.

I phoned earlier and I received a below par service. I was informed that my request for a remittance can’t be faxed. On the second call you answered the phone (Ref: 718695677). Very polite and kind, I noticed you called me by my beautiful name and not sir.

You went the extra mile by listening to my problem, analysing my need, developing a plan and letting me know that you are willing to help me.

Thank you once again. Keep on doing the hard work. Someone will notice it, please use this e-mail as evidence of your talents.

Kind Regards

Harrison Smith

Hi Madam,

You and I discussed my queries today at 10h30 and you confirmed my perception and experience that I am yet to receive better service with any other Medical Aid than I received from you this morning. Well done SAMWUMED for recognising talent and appointing someone like Vatishwa!

Wow, I am really blown away by your efficiency and service par excellence. You were very helpful, dealt with my issues very competently and you even had knowledge of SARS / Social Development and Maintenance requirements above those expected to know. Thanks very much for such friendly service and being a wonderful brand ambassador for SAMWUMED. May you continue to grow in the company and being a blessing to many other SAMWUMED clients. I hope you will be recognised by your employer for commendation or some sort of reward. Keep up the good work sister.

Warm regards,

Superintendent SP Phillips

It’s for the people, by the people.

Sikhunjulwe Febana

Best medical aid for the people!

Katlego David M. Lesolang


SAMWUMED provides high VALUE medical aid benefits for Municipality Workers at Affordable contributions!

We have increased our overall Medical Aid Benefits by 5.4% whilst keeping Member Contributions to a minimum.