Option B Membership



This option is ideal for members seeking to benefit more richly from all the benefit categories including chronic illness benefits, great Hospital care and rich day-to-day Medical benefits. With an annual limit of R1921000 per family, this option allows members to take care of more dependents living with them and those who are extended family.

Option B, like Option A, also gives members access to a wide variety of Early Detection Tests through the Comprehensive Preventative Care Programme.

Your medical aid cover can be paid from two sources: your employer’s subsidy and your monthly salary. Contributions are calculated according to income and family size and are paid monthly, in arrears.

If you join after 31 March, you will be subject to pro-rated benefits. This means that you will only be entitled to benefits according to the contributions that you have made:

January - March
100% of benefit
April - June
75% of benefit
July - September
50% of benefit
October - December
25% of benefit