Do I have to wait for my anniversary date to get new spectacles?

Effective from the beginning of 2023, the Optical Benefit cycle of two years will be calculated based on anniversary date, and this also include eye tests.


Can you pay your medical aid with out going through my employer?

No. Payments need to go through the employer.


What does one need to do to get approved for getting ARV’S?

To be approved for ARV’S you can email your prescription to the HIV Department at


Requesting a new membership card

If your medical aid card is lost, stolen or damaged, you will receive a new card at no extra cost.

We encourage you to contact a Sales and Servicing Consultant in your region to assist you with getting a new or replacement card. Alternatively, send us an email to: or contact us using our sharecall number: 0860 104 117. If you have downloaded our mobile app, you may utilise your digital membership card (e-card) which is available on the SAMWUMED Mobile App, at your convenience.


What is co-payment and why do we pay it?

The part of the account that a member pays in situations where the benefi­t does not cover the relevant health service, or when the provider charges fees that are higher than the Scheme Tariff.


Can I go to any hospital? What is the restriction?

Yes, however, we would like to encourage you as a member to utilise hospitals in our network.

The Scheme has contracted an Acute Hospital, a Day Surgery, and a Mental Health Facility Network. These cover members on SAMWUMED Option A and Option B. The list of the hospital networks is available on the SAMWUMED website.

For any queries you may contact our Call Centre on 0860 104 117 or engage with us via Web Chat function available on  where we have qualified agent(s) ready and waiting to assist you.


How do I see/know which doctor is near me on the SAMWUMED network?

To find a doctor near you on our website, follow these easy steps-

  • Step 1: Click on the search button: SAMWUMED Family Practitioner Network.
  • Step 2: Click on the link “To find a doctor on your area” which is highlighted orange.
  • Step 3: A new page will appear, and you can search a doctor near you by their name, suburb, town, province.