The latest data from the Western Cape has revealed that chronic kidney disease (CKD) was one of the common underlying diseases among people across multiple ages who died from COVID-19 complications in that Province.

Kidneys play an important role in our bodies. If we take care of them, we can enjoy a long and healthy life. This is according to the National Kidney Association of South Africa.

How do our Kidneys work?

Our kidneys are filters. They manufacture essential chemicals, break down and remove unnecessary or dangerous chemicals, and keep necessary ones.

In everyday life, our kidneys make 150 litres of urine a day. They keep back or re-absorb 149 litres of useful substances, like protein, and remove 2 litres of waste. They can be compared to a huge swimming pool filter which never needs backwashing, and will rarely need an overhaul if we look after our health!

In summary, our Kidneys:

  • Remove drugs, medicines and poisons from our body
  • Provide the nutrients to take care of our bones and joints
  • Control the amount of acidity and alkalinity (pH) in our body
  • Produce chemicals which control our blood pressure, and produce other chemicals which

produce our red blood cells which carry oxygen to our whole body.

  • Destroy chemicals and hormones which the body doesn’t need any more – like insulin.

Keeping your Kidneys Healthy

By not smoking – People who smoke are three times more likely to have reduced kidney function, and have a four to five times greater risk of heart attack and stroke.

Limiting alcohol intake – Drinking a lot of alcohol can lead to heart disease and high blood pressure, increasing the risk of kidney disease.

Enjoying Life – Good health and well-being means that we are healthy from all aspects of our lives including, physical, mental, social and spiritual.

Good Nutrition – The food we eat play a big role in the health and well-being of our body. It can help to prevent some diseases, and help to manage others. Good diet can also help in weight reduction and weight control. People who are overweight are at an increased risk of developing diabetes and high blood pressure, major risk factors in kidney disease.

Drinking Water – Water helps in transporting nutrients around the body, as well as helping to remove waste.

Exercising – Regular exercise helps to maintain and reduce weight, reduce the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes, which are risk factors for kidney disease.


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Source: National Kidney Association of South Africa