SA’s Covid-19 Deaths Rise to 58 and Infection Cases to 3 300


South Africa now has 3 300 confirmed Covid-19 cases and four more deaths.

Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize explained that this is an increase of 142 infections. The total number of deaths from the virus increased by four to 58.

To date 121 510 tests have been conducted nationwide.

On a positive note, Mkhize also announced 165 new recoveries, bringing the total number of patients who have recovered after contracting the virus to 1 055.

Dr Mkhize highlighted funeral events as an area of concern because they provide the perfect condition for the virus to spread. Although the number of people who can attend a funeral has been capped at 50, he cited hugging and shaking of hands as a show of compassion to bereaved individuals as a concern, in addition to the sharing of shovels at gravesites and serving spoons at feeding stations. These activities provided a condition for the virus to potentially spread.

Meanwhile, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that government will increase its welfare provision to help poor households suffering because of the national lockdown.

The President’s announcement came as allegations of irregularities in the disbursement of food parcels surfaces across the country. He promised that any government official found guilty of looting food parcels would be dealt with decisively.

“A number of provinces have received reports that callous individuals, some of them allegedly government officials, are hoarding or selling food parcels earmarked for the needy and destitute, or diverting them to their friends and families,” Ramaphosa said.

** If you think you have been exposed to the Covid-19 virus, please call the 24-hour hotline on 0800 029 999 or visit 

Source – IOL