SAMWUMED’s Primary Healthcare Programme is an added benefit for members, irrespective of whether they are on Option A or Option B.

In the case where they finish their yearly medicine benefit, thanks to the Primary Healthcare Programme, members will still be able to get medicines from SAMWUMED’s pharmacy network without paying from their pockets.

SAMWUMED has partnered with its pharmacy networks to make available to its members, specific cost effective Over the Counter medicines for the 10 most common illnesses.

These are:

–       Stomach pain, heartburn, indigestion (including reflux),Two times a year
–       Acute gastroenteritis (vomiting and diarrhoea)Two times a year
–       Upper and lower respiratory tract infectionsThree times a year
–       Oral and topical candidiasis (thrush/fungal or yeast infections)Two times a year
–       Helminthic infestation (worms)Two times a year
–       HeadacheFour times a year
–       Bacterial conjunctivitis (eye infection)Two times a year
–       Urinary tract infection (acute uncomplicated cystitis)Once a year
–       Urticarial  (skin rashes, insect bites and stings)Two times a year
–       Treatment of wounds and/or infections of the skin/subcutaneous tissues(excl. post-operative wound care)Once a year