SAMWUMED has developed a new website as part of a bigger strategy of member service improvement including, enhanced communication, quick turnaround times to new applications and member queries.

The new website, is modern in design, boasts a new communications platform, and has several interactive features including: – Online Quotes, Live Chat, Online Membership Application as well as Online Job Applications features. These technological applications not only move the Scheme away from manual and time consuming processes, but they also offer diverse and alternative communication entry points into the Scheme.

For instance, not only is it possible for potential members to request quotes and also apply to join the Scheme online, the Chat Feature enables members and other stakeholders to engage the Scheme in real time regarding an array of issues. In the past, quotations and applications were done manually. The Contact Centre was the primary contact point with the Scheme.

The new website has taken a comprehensive approach towards packaging of stakeholder and member information.

To this extent, content has been broken down and simplified for ease of understanding. Members have been empowered with comprehensive and relevant information to be able to make informed health choices. In addition to health and benefits information, a Member Zone has been created populated with amongst others, names and contact details of Designated Service Providers (DSP’s) countrywide, including, doctors, pharmacies and hospitals. A list of Scheme approved Medical Formularies (list of medication) is also included.