This Programme is aimed at helping our members and their dependents suffering from Cancer to get the right treatment to manage their disease and also improve the quality of their lives.


Through the Programme, patients are provided with treatment plans that include hospitalisation, private nursing or hospice services. Treatment also includes, MRI scans, CT scans, angiography and radiology.


Registering onto the Cancer or Oncology Programme

Once diagnosed with Cancer, members or dependents have to register onto the Programme where their treatment plans are managed or overseen by the clinical team. All oncology treatment is subject to pre-authorisation and case management. After the treatment plans have been assessed and approved, authorisation is sent to the treating doctor



Pre authorisation is the process where the treatment process is approved first before it is provided. This is to ensure that there is value through the planned intervention.

The treating doctor can call 0860 100 572 for patient pre authorisation.


Steps to follow to register on the programme


After being diagnosed with Cancer, the treating doctor has to contact Medscheme to register the patient. The contact details to register are:

Contact Number – 0860 100 572

Email –