Welcome to Imbizo – SAMWUMED’s first Stakeholder monthly e-newsletter.

Imbizo means a gathering where important news is shared with all our stakeholders. This is exactly what you will experience with the first issue of our Imbizo. The aim of this newsletter is to create a platform for information sharing on an ongoing basis, so feel free to sign up to our monthly newsletter by clicking here.

This is part of a bigger strategy of improving our overall service, interaction, engagement and communication with critical stakeholders, especially our members.

To illustrate this, at the same time that we announce the initiation of Imbizo, we also announce in this issue, the launch of our new interactive and yet dynamic website – this is another important platform for engagement and communication. The new website boasts modern and interactive features allowing for speedy and convenient communication as well as improved customer service turnaround times. During working hours, our staff are now able to engage and respond to your queries, in real-time through our webchat platform.

Maximising performance and efficiencies in all areas of our business has been a key priority over the past few months. This we have focussed on to ensure service excellence, ease of doing business with all of our stakeholders, accessibility and transparency. To this extent we are capacitating critical departments to ensure that we deliver on this goal. You can find out more about this in this edition of our Imbizo as well.

As a Scheme we have a responsibility to help members to keep healthy and in so doing effectively manage their benefits and healthcare outcomes. For this reason, member education is key for members to understand how best to access their benefits in a sustainable and cost effective manner. This approach will assist in the Scheme being able to offer rich benefits at affordable contributions. You will also find useful stories relating to health management in this issue.

We are certain that after going through Imbizo, you will agree that SAMWUMED is taking the lead in enhancing member communications.

Enjoy our newsletter!

Joe Seoloane