There are many reasons to Join and Stay with SAMWUMED. Key among them is that the Scheme provides high VALUE medical aid benefits at LOW contributions of R500!

For example:

  • Members Enjoy up to 170 000 worth of Day to Day Medical Aid Benefits Excluding Hospital benefits!
  • Members are able to visit doctors, dentists and also get Medicines including Chronic, Over the Counter & Prescription, even without a Savings Plan.
  • Members are able to Enjoy Private Hospital Care nationally of up to5 million per year.
  • Members Enjoy Increased Medical Aid benefits including Eye Care and Chronic Illnesses benefits including: – Gout, Eczema, Depression, GORD and Menopause.
  • Members Enjoy Comprehensive Maternity Benefits including:- Supplements, Pap Smear Tests, Ultrasounds and Ante Natal Consultations
  • Members Enjoy Free Health Screenings and Assessments including for Diabetes, Breast & Prostate Cancer, HIV and various vaccinations!


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