The President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa has maintained Lockdown Level 3 but has banned the sale of alcohol with immediate effect and re-introduced a curfew between 09pm to 4am, allowing only those who have to be at work to be outside between those times.
These measures, he said, were meant to control the spread of COVID-19 in South Africa, which has now infected 276 242 people and killed 4 079. They were also meant to help South Africa’s health system to look after COVID-19 patients as opposed to looking after people with stab wounds and alcohol-related trauma incidents.
President Ramaphosa also made the following announcements:

  • Employers, shop owners and managers, public transport operators, and managers and owners of any other public building are now legally obliged to ensure that anyone entering their premises or vehicle must be wearing a mask.
  • All workplaces and all institutions need to ensure that there is a designated coronavirus official responsible for making sure that all regulations and all precautions are strictly adhered to.
  • Taxis undertaking local trips will now be permitted to increase their capacity to 100%, while long distance taxis will not be allowed to exceed 70% occupancy, on condition that new risk mitigation protocols related to masks, vehicle sanitising and open windows are followed.

–        Parks will be open for exercise, but not for any form of gathering.

–        Family visits and other social activities will not be allowed
The President also said:

  • That there is now emerging evidence that the virus may also be carried in tiny particles in the air in places that are crowded, closed or have poor air circulation.
  • For this reason we must immediately improve the indoor environment of public places where the risk of infection is greatest.
  • We must increase natural ventilation, avoid the re-circulation of air and minimise the number of people sharing the same space.
  • We must do this in all heath care facilities, nursing homes, shops, offices, workplaces, schools, restaurants and public transport.

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Latest Statistics
Provincial Breakdown – Positive Cases

Eastern Cape 50 300 18,2
Free State 5 224 1,9
Gauteng 98 431 35,6
KwaZulu-Natal 25 572 9,3
Limpopo 3 014 1,1
Mpumalanga 3 977 1,4
North West 9 924 3,6
Northern Cape 1 401 0,5
Western Cape 78 399 28,4
Total 276 242 100

Provincial Deaths & Recoveries

Eastern Cape 686 31 586
Free State 19 681
Gauteng 644 32 958
KwaZulu-Natal 280 6 021
Limpopo 33 1 147
Mpumalanga 22 910
North West 36 2 191
Northern Cape 11 310
Western Cape 2 348 59 070
Total 4 079 134 874

Source: sacoronavirus.co.za
** If you think you have been exposed to the COVID-19, please call the government’s 24-hour hotline on 0800 029 999 or visit https://sacoronavirus.co.za/ for more information.