Funerals are a breeding ground for the spread of COVID-19. This is according to the Minister of Health, Dr Zweli Mkhize.

Dr Mkhize says he is extremely concerned about funerals, saying “there are too many people attending funerals at the same time. Over and above this, there is the phenomenon of “after-tears” where people have parties after the funeral”. This he said, was going against all measures put in place to control the quick and wide spread of the virus.

He appealed to all South Africans not to have funerals of more than 50 people. And for them to leave as soon as possible to avoid a situation of having many people gathering for a long time in one place.

We have no vaccine and no cure. Although South Africa was participating in trials for both, they may only become available after many months, even years, he added.

For that reason, we have no other way but to all play our part and make tough, conscious decisions every minute of every day. We have to be able to count on each other as we weather the storm together.

SAMWUMED has put in place measures including healthcare benefits for our members who may contract the disease. However, we all have to play our part in stopping the virus from spreading. Let us practise social distancing, wash our hands and wear our masks at all times in public spaces.

Let’s team up to beat COVID-19.

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