Dear Members,

As infections and deaths continue to rise in South Africa as a result of COVID-19, our President Cyril Ramaphosa has requested each one of us, at an individual, family and company level to unite against the virus. In support of the President and the Ministers, I am requesting that as SAMWUMED staff members, we Team Up to Beat COVID-19.

Teaming up means acting as one and being unified in purpose for our collective safety. For the safety of our members and for the safety of those we love.

At an organisational level, we endeavour to Step Up our efforts to ensure complete adherence to State regulations, put in place to combat and protect staff against COVID-19 whilst in the workplace.

Teaming Up is the only way we will be able to beat COVID-19 and ensure the sustainability of our Scheme, and ensure the safety of our members and our families.

For now, even as some continue to work from home and some operating at their places of work, I encourage all of you to stay safe and adhere to regulations pronounced by our President including those related to movement and hygiene practises.

Having taken the reigns as SAMWUMED’s new Principal Officer, I also look forward to engaging further with all role players to ensure continuous improvement and sustainability of the Scheme.

Kind regards

Francina Mosoeu

Principal Officer – SAMWUMED