SAMWUMED streamlines systems and launches new partnerships with industry experts to improve service delivery


Cape Town, June 2024: The South African Municipal Workers Union National Medical Scheme (SAMWUMED), is a national accredited and self-administered medical scheme offering affordable medical cover for 72 000 local government and related support industry employees and their dependants. To improve service delivery to members and healthcare providers alike, the Scheme is streamlining our operating systems and launching new partnerships with industry experts, effective 1 August 2024.

The Scheme has undergone a seismic shift in its effort to remain competitive in the market and the first step was to address member and healthcare provider frustration with service delivery. “Streamlining our operating systems will enable the Scheme’s service agents to view all the member’s information and solve queries easily when members and providers contact our centre,” says Philippa Escreet, Chief Operations Officer at SAMWUMED.

The Scheme has also partnered with industry experts such as Workforce Healthcare for Wellness, Netcare 911 for Emergency Medical Services, DENIS for Dental Managed Care, PPN for Optometry, and Tshela Healthcare for our Maternity Programme.  These enhanced services will be available to our members with effect from 1 August 2024.

We are excited to partner with these highly reputable companies as their industry expertise, can only help to take SAMWUMED to newer and greater heights.



SAMWUMED is a self-administered medical aid scheme that fully complies with all criteria prescribed by the Medical Schemes Act. SAMWUMED has been in existence since 1952. The Cape Town Municipal Workers Association, predecessor to SAMWU (South African Municipal Workers Union), introduced the Scheme to cater for the health requirements of all local municipality and related agency workers. Initially set-up as an industrial council type benefit fund, SAMWUMED has grown and transformed itself into a self-administered medical aid scheme, registered in terms of the Medical Schemes Act.

SAMWUMED currently covers more than 72,000 lives under its administration.

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