Friday 29, July 2022: SAMWUMED is committed to improving member access to information. On Monday 1 August, the self- administered Scheme will be relaunching its Mobile Application and introducing new self-help service options on its Call Centre. Gone are the waiting days when members and service providers had to wait long on call ques into the Scheme’s Call Centre.  “The Scheme is proud to finally have moved to this phase, in its efforts to demonstrate how seriously it takes its members. The various options will now create ease of access to information for both members and service providers”, said Principal Officer Ms Francina Mosoeu.


Amongst others, the App now strengthens member and Scheme communication and takes member management of their medical aid affairs to a higher gear. The App boasts an interactive landing page that allows members to view some of their information in real-time and to scan and upload documents – all from their mobile phones.


Existing members who are already using and are enjoying the current Mobile App, will want to be the first in line to update their SAMWUMED Mobile App to the new version.

The Call Centre self-help service option will reduce a lot of calls into the Call Centre which have been causing long delays for agents to pick up calls, as members will now have the options to amongst other things:

  • Access their benefits without having to speak to an agent
  • Obtain Tax Certificates via USSD options
  • Obtain Membership Certifications via USSD options
  • Receive Statements via USSD options

All of this will be in real-time. With these new service improvements, the Scheme is positive that it will bring back the members who may have had frustrations with the Scheme as a result of long waiting times, and even attract new members into the Scheme. We want to bring back our glory of being the scheme of choice and our intention is keep things simple, yet in line with current needs of our members, including bringing convenience in every way possible.


SAMWUMED is here to be of service to its members and our efforts are fully focused on keeping our members satisfied and fully informed of Scheme developments, anytime, anywhere. We at your service.


SAMWUMED. We at your service. SILA!


Francina Mosoeu

Principal Officer