Our winning Consultants & Broker Partnership


Dear SAMWUMED Members,


 SAMWUMED has an extensive network of Internal Sales Consultants throughout the country. They are knowledgeable in all aspects of the Scheme and are ready to answer all your questions. Our intention is to ensure all our members, irrespective of region, receive high quality service.

To ensure this happens we have partnered our Internal Sales Consultants with Brokers. This operating model gives us the assurance that where we do not have enough capacity, the Brokers are there to step in and assist our members as our Internal Sales Consultants would have done, with amongst others – SAMWUMED services, products as well as benefits information.

The Broker Partners are contracted not to compete with the Scheme’s internal Sales Consultants. But rather to work closely with our Internal Consultants and the Scheme, to ensure your needs as our valued member, are taken care of.

If you are experiencing a lack of visibility in service from our Broker Partners or internal Sales Consultants in your region, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing communication@samwumed.org.

We will ensure that every effort is taken to provide you with the quality and efficient service you   deserve.

To further bring our services closer to you, our Walk-In Centres will also soon be fully operational. Look out for further information of where you can find these Walk-In Centres for your urgent queries.

We thank our long standing members for your loyalty and trust placed in us. We also welcome our new members into our family. You made the right decision in joining SAMWUMED.

We want you to Stay & Enjoy your medical aid!

Sincerely SAMWUMED

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