SAMWUMED members and dependents have access to a variety of medicines for once-off or ongoing treatments. Whether on both Option A or Option B, members can access prescribed, over the counter, and chronic conditions.


  • Prescribed medications – are medicines that need a letter or prescription from a medical Practitioner for a pharmacy or any place that dispenses medicine to make it available to the member and or his or her dependents.
  • Over-the-counter medications – are medicines that can be bought without a prescription at a pharmacy.
  • Acute medications – are medicines that are meant to be used for a short amount of time to treat an illness or condition that is short-term.
  • Chronic medications – are medicines that are taken every day for a period of more than six months

In addition, members can use alternative healthcare medication. However, it must be registered with the Medicines Control Council.


Member Advice

Members are encouraged to use medications that are on the Scheme’s list of approved medications to save their benefits as medication outside of the lists tends to be expensive and may require members to pay additional out of their pockets.

Members are also advised to use SAMWUMED approved pharmacies to avoid paying more for their medication.


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