1. Weight loss

If you want to lose weight — and keep it off — Dietitians can help you create healthy lifelong habits that don’t leave you feeling deprived.

  1. Weight gain

Some people have lost too much weight or have trouble taking in enough nutrition to maintain healthy body weight. Dietitians can help with weight gain.

  1. Chronic diseases

Illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease are closely linked to what you eat. Making healthy dietary changes can help keep those diseases in check — or even stop them in their tracks. Adopting healthier diet and exercise habits can help. Good nutrition is also essential for people living with other diseases, such as cancer.

  1. Allergies and food sensitivities

Managing food allergies means there are some foods you just can’t eat. Dieticians can advise on replacements, so you maintain a balanced diet.

  1. Athletic performance

Serious athletes know that food is fuel. Dieticians can help them with a proper diet.

  1. Vegetarians

Thinking of giving up meat or moving to an all-vegan diet? A dietician can advise on giving them up whilst maintaining a well-rounded diet.

  1. Picky kids

Dietitians can help balance kids’ food preferences and help them to try new foods.

  1. Healthy eating overall

At times you get burned out or slip back into old, unhealthy habits. Dietitians can help to give you some fresh ideas and help provide overall guidance.


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