Being a member of our Scheme has many benefits for you and your loved ones. Most importantly, you are covered against many illnesses.

You are encouraged to be aware of things that may place your membership at risk. They include:

  • Not being truthful with us


  • You are encouraged to provide the Scheme with the correct or truthful information at all times. This includes your correct details and your pre-existing conditions or illnesses when joining the Scheme.


  • Not paying your membership premiums


  • Premiums are paid monthly and they are made up of two portions. The employer pays for 60%, whilst the member is responsible for 40%. As a member it remains your responsibility to ensure that your employer pays your correct contributions at the time that they are supposed to.


  • Committing Fraud


  • Fraud comes in many forms. For example, submission of fraudulent claims, colluding with others to defraud the Scheme or committing other fraudulent acts.


  • Not being employed by a Municipality


  • You may be a SAMWUMED member for as long as you are employed by a Municipality. This is because we are a Closed Scheme.


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